Particular areas of interest on the website include the Women's Institute History of the Parish, compiled in the years leading up to 1965 as part of a Kent/Sussex village history competition to celebrate the Golden Jubilee Year (1915 - 1965) of this organization. This precious document contains a great variety of subjects and photographs including early history, agriculture, the church, etc.  For Family History researchers there is a complete map of, and guide to Tillington Cemetery which provides headstone location, name and brief details for all those buried in our peaceful rural cemetery. Several photographic collections have been gifted to the archives and many are displayed providing a wonderful social history of bygone days. In addition there are several photographs of people, sports teams, church choir and family groups but sadly, as often the case, names have been lost.  So if anyone looking through the web pages sees a face without a name, please do make contact so that we can reunite them.

If anyone has material that they think would be of interest to Tillington Archives, again please make contact and allow us to copy the item(s).  Whilst the archives contain a little history of the parish, today's happenings will be our history for future generations, so if you have interesting current material please make contact.

The website is large and has taken considerable work to build so please take your time going through it; we think you will enjoy the experience and be well rewarded for your efforts.
The Parish of Tillington lies close to the South Downs and Petworth House in West Sussex.

Although quite small, Tillington Archives contains many photographs, newspaper cuttings, old parish magazine articles, parish, church and family history, cemetery maps and much more.

Much of this material has been donated by past generations of parishioners for the enjoyment of future generations.
Physically the contributions are stored in acid free paper and boxes under cool, dry, dark conditions to ensure that they survive through the years.

Although the archives are not open to the public much of the material has been digitised and is displayed in the pages of this website.

We welcome additional material for     the archives and website
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Tillington Archives
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