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The major WI ‘History of Tillington’ collection of images and text covers a period from the Doomsday Book to c 1965 and hence has been given a dedicated space on this website.

We do, however, hold a number of smaller collections which have either been donated to Tillington Archives or we have been allowed to copy images from collections held by local families.  Most are black and white photographs which reflect bygone days of our parish.  These family collections are an essential part of the history of Tillington Parish and should be preserved for future generations to enjoy.  Please don’t allow a collection to be lost or thrown out when a relative dies; the archives will always provide a secure and lasting home for such precious photographs.  The same promise applies to any relevant documents, letters, family histories, memorabilia etc.  

If you have a collection of old parish photographs or family documents that you would like to donate or allow us to copy please use one of the Contact Us buttons.