The ‘Holloway Collection was left to Tillington Archives by Mr Jack Holloway who died, aged 91, in 2011.  Jack was born in a very different Tillington from today and although he moved to Petworth, he was ‘Tillington through and through’.

Jack was a great entertainer and loved the Sussex dialect which he used regularly in his entertaining.  He was a member of the Burma Star Association and a great supporter of the British Legion.  In 1998 he started ‘Jack’s Walk’ to raise funds for the latter organization and it has taken place every year since, raising over £30,000.

Jack was much loved by everyone who knew him and he is sadly missed by his community and far beyond.  We are very fortunate that Jack left many photographs of his time which allow us to feel some of this warmth and talent.
Mr and Mrs Jack Holloway
The Holloway Collection
If you knew Jack or have an interest in the social  history of Tillington you will find the following articles of considerable interest.
The Holloway Collection